Schaumburg AQM Bullfrog Titanium Automatik

Schaumburg AQM Bullfrog Titanium Automatik


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  • Caliber SW-20A Swiss Made Automatik

  • Safirglas

  • Leder

  • Dornschließe

  • Durchmesser: 42 mm

  • Höhe: 12-15 mm

  • Wasserdicht: 20 ATM

  • Gehäuse: Titan

    “The Bullfrog!” That is what our watchmakers and designers said. Inspired by those water animals, they created the innovative AQM Bullfrog watches from our Schaumburg Aquamatic line of extremely robust and highly pressure-proof watches.

    We from Schaumburg Watch, the renowned small German watchmaking factory from Rinteln in Schaumburg Land, proudly present our latest range of Aquamatic watches: AQM Bullfrog. A special feature of this watch is the ergonomically shaped, robust yet elegant titanium case that was inspired by the shape of a water frog. The case is pressure-proof to 20 atm, meaning that it stands a water depth of 200 meters.

    The prominent case of an AQM Bullfrog on your wrist has highest memorability ratings among watch experts and non-experts alike and will arouse considerable interest. Then, when you explain that the shape of the AQM Bullfrog case has been modeled to the anatomy of a frog because water is the natural element of both species, you will enter into a discussion on watch technology: Welcome to the world of water sports and diving!

    The AQM Bullfrog stands for pure strength and for a leap into a new dimension of chronometry. The ergonomic shape of the case ensures excellent readability, eliminating the intrinsic defect of all wristwatches: the unfavourable wrist angle. Thanks to the increasing case angle, the dial is clearly visible at any time. This is also true for underwater use where a vertical viewing angle is critical to eliminate reflections. This way, those watches are well prepared for a new era in chronometry.

    The extremely lush watchcase is made of high-strength titanium. The surface shows the characteristic titanium grey and has been sand-blasted for an authentic look. With a realistic diameter of 42 mm and a height increasing from 12 to 15 millimeters, it stands out with its low weight. The watch features a marbled vintage-style strap with a titanium clasp. Luminova afterglow pigments ensure optimum readability at night. The scratch-proof sapphire glass protects the clear-cut dial, the hands, and the equally fine and robust Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement from environmental impacts.

    The highlight of the AQM Bullfrog range is the gorgeous high-tech chronograph. This watch is the ultimate in precision engineering, allowing the wearer to keep track of timeframes of any length using the stop-watch functionality. In addition, there is an extremely attractive three-hand version: the AQM Bullfrog Vision featuring a 24-hour dial.

    The inner values of Schaumburg Watch Bullfrog watches are state of the art, too: For our movements, we use the SW20A and SW50A calibers that are among the most rugged designs in watchmaking. This way, we ensure that the wearer of an AQM Bullfrog is perfectly equipped for even the most demanding environments at all times.





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